College Recruiting

Maddy King

Office location: Pittsburgh
Graduate of: Point Park University

In your free time what do you like to do? Traveling, Disney, and food are three of my favorite things.

Maddy joined Maher Duessel in 2019 after graduating college, and she serves as Staff Auditor on a wide range of governmental and non-profit engagements.

  1. What is your typical day like at Maher Duessel?

In a pre-COVID world, a typical day was almost always spent on site with at least one other member of the engagement team. Even though my team would change depending on the client I was scheduled on, all of the In-Charges on my jobs usually tried to lay out fieldwork expectations early. While on-site, I would work on my designated workpapers and ask questions of both the team and the client, as needed. Now my days are spent mostly in a remote environment with Teams calls. There is always going to be variety, as Maher Duessel serves a wide range of non-profit and governmental clients, but that is something I really like. The gist of what I need to do may be similar among my clients, but no two days are the exactly the same here!

  1. Describe the mentoring you receive from seniors while on the engagement.

The Seniors often asked how my transition from school to work was going and would give me advice to help me stay on top of tasks. Rather than just have me complete the same types of tests and workpapers on every job, many of them would give me new assignments to help prepare me for my next role at Maher Duessel. Rather than become comfortable and complacent with my work, I was often encouraged to take on new tasks and duties to prepare myself for future roles and promotions.

  1. Why should college students/new graduates pursue their public accounting careers at Maher Duessel?

When I joined the firm, I was a recent college graduate with no professional experience in auditing which was pretty intimidating. You often hear horror stories of recent graduates working 80+ hours at large firms, but that is practically unheard of for anyone joining Maher Duessel out of college. During my first year at Maher Duessel, I felt very comfortable with my work-life balance. (Also, have I mentioned the snacks in the Pittsburgh office? No one can ever go hungry when working here!) Overall, Maher Duessel is a firm that truly values its employees and their opinions, and I honestly believe it is a great place for new graduates to pursue their public accounting careers.

College Recruiting