The COVID-19 pandemic has created several new funding opportunities for municipal governments and non-profit organizations.  With Maher Duessel’s client base consisting entirely of governments and non-profits, we have learned extensively about these funding streams and how they affect our clients. Many entities that did not previously require a Single Audit will now require one, and we can assist with this reporting requirement. We perform more than 170 Single Audits annually in Pennsylvania, and our audit teams in our six office locations (Pittsburgh, Butler, Harrisburg, State College, Erie, and Lancaster) all have experience with Single Audit requirements.

COVID-19 Consulting Services

  • 2021 American Rescue Plan Act Consulting
    -Eligible Cost Assistance
    -Revenue Loss Calculations
    -Budget Preparation Assistance
    -Grant Administration
    -Sub-Recipient Monitoring
    -Assistance With Internal Controls
    -Policies and Procedures Development
    -Single Audit Compliance
  • CARES Act Consulting
  • Paycheck Protection Program Guidance
  • Other Consultation Regarding COVID-19 Funding Programs