Maher Duessel has the technology and support systems in place to utilize a paperless environment in meeting the needs of our clients.  We are constantly adapting our technology systems so we can maximize the level of efficiency we can offer our clients and offer competitive fees simultaneously. Below are highlights of some of the software tools we use:

    • Suralink is a file/data sharing service where documents can be requested, tracked, and shared securely.  Suralink automates the Provided by Client (PBC) submittal process.
    • Caseware – used to handle trial balance functions and helps our professionals more effectively manage engagements. 
    • AMELIO – helps streamline, automate, and improve the way we manage compliance-related forms and checklists.
    • CompareDocs – uses artificial intelligence/technology to identify changes between documents with speed and accuracy and works across multiple document platforms. 
    • TeamMate Analytics – allows us to run entity wide tests on large amounts of data. This enables us to quickly identify important and unusual transactions and trends for further review during the audit.
    • Client Data Protection Protocols – due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of our clients’ information, we have a number of protocols in place to protect our clients’ data.

Our Technology Systems