Corrine Alderfer

Office location: Lancaster
Graduate of: Geneva College

In your free time what do you like to do? Exploring new places and being outside are my passions outside of work.

Corrine began her public accounting career in 2019 as an Intern and joined Maher Duessel full time in 2020 after graduating college. Corrine serves as Staff Auditor on a wide range of governmental and non-profit engagements.

  1. What made you choose Maher Duessel for your internship?

I was interested in the nonprofit and government accounting that Maher Duessel does, and I knew I would get to learn this type of accounting and that was unique to this firm. I was worried if I went somewhere else, I wouldn’t be placed with these types of clients, especially as an Intern, if they had a wide range of for-profit clients. In addition, I chose Maher Duessel because of the size of the firm. It was exactly what I was looking for because I would be exposed to a range of clients, but I knew I would also actually be given audit work to complete that was relevant to what I would do after my internship. I knew the size of the firm would allow me to have this kind of experience at Maher Duessel.

  1. What was a typical day like during your internship?

A typical day as an Intern could go two ways. Some days I was scheduled on a specific engagement and would go out to the client with the rest of the team and work on testing for the audit the whole day. These days are when I learned how to do testing and got to see how a team works together for an audit. Other days I would work from the office and could be working on multiple audits in one day by performing smaller testing or reporting tasks for Seniors. On days where I wasn’t assigned to a specific client, I was able to work for anyone that needed help that day. This allowed me to get to know more employees and learn the preparation stage of an audit before testing occurs at the client.

  1. What made you decide to continue your public accounting career with Maher Duessel after your internship was completed?

One of the reasons I stayed with the firm after my internship was that Maher Duessel does a great job of making you feel like you are needed in the job you are doing. The Seniors on the audits I worked on would always assure me that the work I was doing was helpful and important. Another reason I stayed was that I learned a lot as an Intern about auditing and the company and was motivated to learn even more as a full-time employee.