Path to a Senior Auditor

Rachel Schmidt, Senior Auditor

Office location: Pittsburgh
Graduate of: Grove City College

In your free time what do you like to do? In my free time I like hanging out with friends, going on hikes and exploring places I haven’t been to yet!

Rachel joined Maher Duessel as an Intern in 2018, was hired as a Staff Auditor in 2019, and was promoted to a Senior Auditor in 2021.

  1. What is your typical day like at Maher Duessel?

The great thing about working at Maher Duessel is every week looks a little different. Some weeks I am at a client site, and at other times I have the ability to work from home or the office. Also I work with several different people, as the work each day will vary based on the type of client I am on, and where in the audit process the client is at. While on site, I like to spend my time talking with the client to obtain information while giving updates on how the audit is going. While working remotely, it’s important to maintain that same level of communication through emails or virtual meetings.

  1. You have been with Maher Duessel since 2018, and in just a few short years, have gone from being a ‘mentee’ to a ‘mentor’ on audit engagements. Explain how Maher Duessel has helped facilitate your career path.

When I first came to Maher Duessel I was paired with a “career coach”, and this individual was there to help answer any questions and to help talk through any struggles I might have, while providing suggestions on how to improve. I found our career coach program to be very beneficial for me. If you are a new hire, our seniors and managers often encourage you to try new tasks that you are unfamiliar with to help expand your knowledge and skill level and help prepare you for future roles and promotions.

  1. What do you enjoy most about being a Senior Auditor, and how do you balance those responsibilities with a life away from work?

As a Senior Auditor I am more able to have a flexible schedule. Since I am in-charging my engagements now, I have a better understanding of what needs done and when, which allows me to better prioritize tasks. Our hybrid environment allows us the ability to work from home if we choose, and therefore, I can be more productive. As for a work life balance, there are many stigmas behind public accounting, and the excess of overtime that employees are required to put in at larger firms. That same degree of overtime is not performed or encouraged at Maher Duessel. Fellow co-workers are also willing to help in any way they can with the workload, which also provides a greater balance between your responsibilities and your life away from work.

  1. What advice would you give students beginning their internships at Maher Duessel?

When I was an intern, it was the summer after my junior year, and I had no auditing classes or experience at that point. Therefore, I tried to take advantage of learning what I could and understanding the thought process behind the work I was doing instead of just completing what I was given with no questions asked. The work you will be doing during your internship is normal work any new hire would be doing, so it is a great opportunity to understand what auditing is and if it’s the right career path for you. The knowledge and experience you will receive out of your internship will depend on how much effort you put into the internship. If you ask questions and offer to help the audit team in any way needed you’ll be that much further ahead in your career path!

Path to a Senior Auditor