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This is a new series of Q&A blogs highlighting a Maher Duessel team member who lives out our mission of Pursuing the Profession While Promoting the Public Good through their volunteer commitments.  First up Partner, Lisa Ritter. Lisa currently volunteers with WITF Public Broadcasting (Executive Committee Member, Finance and Audit Committee Member and Enterprises Board Member), United Way of the Capital Region Women’s Leadership Network, and the St. Patrick Cathedral Finance Committee. This Q&A will focus on Lisa’s involvement with WITF Public Broadcasting.

How did you get involved with WITF? I became involved with WITF when a Board Member asked me to join in support of the Finance and Audit Committee.

As a board volunteer wearing several hats with WITF, what are your overall responsibilities? I am currently the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and sit on the Executive Committee and the Enterprises Board. The Finance and Audit Committee reviews internally prepared financial statements, considers financial risks and risk management policies, appoints the audit firm and reviews the audit report. Other duties include review of IT and cyber risk and reviewing the actions of the Investment Committee. The Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board in the management of WITF and generally supports the President’s activities.The Enterprises Board is charged with considering for-profit ventures WITF might undertake.

What do you like most about your role with WITF? WITF has been involved in some fascinating projects in the past couple of years including datacasting.  Datacasting  sends programming “over–the-air” so that it can be picked up by an antenna and played on a TV.  WITF is working with PA education stakeholders regarding the use of datacasting to benefit students learning remotely.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and learning about it.

What would you like to accomplish at WITF in the next 2-3 years? I am new to the role of Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee.  Given the Charter of the Committee there are plenty of issues on which to stay current on and I look forward to the challenge. I also also enjoyed meeting Daniel Tiger  in person recently!

How do you balance your volunteer responsibilities with a full time position? I don’t think of the time I spend on WITF functions as work.  I enjoy the opportunity to take my granddaughters to WITF programs and am fortunate Maher Duessel supports volunteer opportunities.