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Lisa A. Ritter, CPA, CFE, CITP








Lisa A. Ritter, CPA, CFE, CITP
Quality Control Partner

Maher Duessel is in the middle of the annual test of our system of quality control.  We are passionate about providing quality services, and we expend significant resources ensuring that quality.  The elements of our quality control system include the following:

  • Leadership responsibilities including tone at the top
  • Compliance with relevant ethical requirements
  • Compliance with polices for acceptance and continuation of client relationships
  • Human Resources policies
  • Engagement performance including compliance with auditing and accounting standards
  • Monitoring of each element of quality control

I would like to thank a very talented team for assisting with the annual process this year including the following who assisted with the inspection:

  • Jennifer L., CruverKibi, CPA, Partner
  • Amy C. Lewis, CPA, Partner
  • Robert A. Belicose, Jr., CPA, Principal
  • Janet L. Feick, CPA, Senior Manager
  • Michelle L. Hoke, CPA, Senior Manager
  • Jonathan C. Mentzer, CPA, Senior Manager
  • Peggy Jo Revay, CPA, Senior Manager
  • Dustin D. Starr, CPA, Senior Manager
  • Natalie Caponi, CPA, Manager
  • James Contrella, CPA, Manager
  • Kristen E. Moss, CPA, Manager
  • Sara Reed, CPA, Manager
  • Allison R. Bozman, CPA, Manager
  • Patrick J. Kline, CPA, Senior Auditor

Michelle Buskey has taken the lead on this project.  Her contributions are invaluable. Partners Elizabeth (‘Betsy’) E. Krisher, CPA, CGFM, and Brian T. McCall, CPA, CGFM also provided significant support to the process, along with administrative support from Kim Phillips, and I am grateful for all of their assistance.

In addition to the annual testing we complete, every three years we engage an independent accounting firm to review the quality of our work.   We will undergo that process approximately one year from now. The results of external reviews are always located on our website here.